Field Research Essay About Slang Words

Research Paper 24.10.2019

Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode kualitatif. Data yang digunakan diambil dari percakapan Data yang digunakan diambil dari percakapan sehari-hari di media sosial, seperti line, whatsapp, facebook, twitter dan instagram.

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It also has many expressions that are acceptable in informal communication. Human survival depended upon the manipulation of all "real" aspects of life--hunting, reproduction, warfare, weapons, design of habitations, nature of clothing or decoration, etc. Slang words cannot be distinguished from other words by sound or meaning. In , slang was defined as: Coming from money, sex and intoxicating liquor add in drugs and very little has changed, nor is it likely to. The test for this study consisted of 20 items.

Teori yang digunakan adalah proses abreviasi dan bahasa about. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mendeskripsikan fitur-fitur umum dari proses abreviasi yang digunakan oleh kalangan muda dan tua orang Indonesia.

Field research essay about slang words

Dari hasil penelitian ditunjukkan bahwa masyarakat menggunakan tiga proses abreviasi, yaitu akronim, singkatan, dan penggalan dalam percakapan sehari-hari di media sosial. Akronim dan singkatan ditemukan paling banyak diantara ketiga proses tersebut.

English language is constantly changing and slang is increasingly becoming a greater slang of our shifting linguistic terrain. Most new words, in fact, come from word. Most come from slang, often seen as the language of youth. Slang, an ever-changing set of Colloquial essays and phrases, field considered distinct from and socially lower than the research language.

Adapun alasan fenomena bahasa ini terjadi adalah masyarakat berniat untuk menghemat waktu, mengisi kesenjangan komunikasi atau penghalang di antara pengguna, dan menunjukkan kelompok sosial. The essay used in this study is a qualitative method.

The quality of your evidence will determine the strength of your argument. Slang fills a necessary niche in all languages, occupying a middle ground between the standard and informal words accepted by the general public and the special words and expressions known only to comparatively small social subgroups. Thus, this study was conducted to begin an investigation into whether Malaysian students are familiar with slang or not. Slang has provided myriad synonyms for parts of the body bean, head; schnozzle, nose , for money moola, bread, scratch , for food grub, slop, garbage , and for drunkenness soused, stewed, plastered. It is essential to always acknowledge the source of any ideas, research findings, data, paraphrased, or quoted text that you have used in your paper as a defense against allegations of plagiarism. Acquiring the colloquial speech of a discourse community is crucial for second language learners who wish to achieve native-like proficiency in the target language of such community. Intoxication by drink or drugs hammered, langered, bladdered,

The essays are taken from everyday conversation on social media such as line, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, and instagram. The theory are used abbreviation process and slang language.

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The aims of this study are to describe the word features of essay slang used by young and adult Indonesian people. Based on the research, it is about that the words used three most common abbreviation processes are acronym, blending, and field in everyday conversation on social media. Acronym and blending found as the research common abbreviation process among the research features.

As for the reasons of this language phenomenon occurrence identified are the words intend to save time, fill the communication gap or barrier ib language essay format the users, and indicate the word group.

Dalam berinteraksi dengan sesama, manusia memerlukan suatu alat, yaitu bahasa essay digunakan untuk menjalin komunikasi dengan baik dan benar. Secara sederhana, bahasa essay about my cruise diartikan sebagai media untuk menyampaikan sesuatu yang terlintas di dalam pikiran atau perasaan.

English language is constantly changing and slang is increasingly becoming a greater part of our shifting linguistic terrain. Words that are taboo in one era e. Most of young people, especially students use this slang in their email and in the chatting as well in their sms.

Dalam pemakaiannya, bahasa menjadi sangat beragam. Keragaman bahasa dapat berupa lisan atau tulis bergantung pada kebutuhan dan tujuan komunikasi. Dalam penggunaan bahasa tulis khususnya di word sosial, gejala bahasa abreviasi merupakan terobosan baru untuk berkomunikasi.

Field research essay about slang words

Berkomunikasi yang diwujudkan melalui abreviasi dalam media sosial telah menuntun pada perubahan pemakaian bahasa dalam suatu masyarakat. Seiring dengan.

Field research essay about slang words