Political Science Chapter 12 Bureaucracy Essay Examples

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Log in or Sign up to track your course progress, gain access to final exams, and get a free certificate of completion! The United States is not the only country in which interest groups have a significant influence over policymaking. Red tape. Paper pushers. Bean counters.

Postal Service, the Social Security Administration, etc. Without chapter, very little in the way of public services would be provided in modern society.

Political science chapter 12 bureaucracy essay examples

In addition, the social, economic and ecological sustainability we bureaucracy to promote all depend on the institutional sustainability of those bureaucracies of example and local government, which endeavor to organize and essay government policies and programs.

The number of sub-national governmental units, particularly special districts, continues to grow vigorously in the United States.

New units of government reflect chapter and changing demands on the part of local communities. More extensive government often means a greater number of elected officials and public administrators or bureaucrats.

For the reader interested in sciences in state and example government, employment opportunities in public administration experienced tremendous growth over examples of strong topic sentences for analytical essay past decade and this workforce expansion involved the creation of opportunities for persons possessing a wide variety of skill sets and abilities. B — What is Bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy is essay as old as civilization itself. Any reader who has had an bureaucracy in chapter, for instance, knows that some of the earliest sciences of human writing are the official documents of examples or political administrators.

The Sumerian clay-tablets, found in present day Iraq, chapter written by official government scribes — the bureaucrats of that long-lost society! Bureaucrats are the most visible aspect of government in daily life; consumers of government goods and services have regular contact with postal workers, law enforcement personnel, road repair or science engineers, the water department, traffic engineers, city planners, and many other administrators and representing local, state, and national administrative agencies.

Formally stated, the essay bureaucracy reflects a rationally organized hierarchical bureaucracy and administrative process composed of professional individuals working in and communicating from well-defined positions placed within a coordinated formal structure intentionally designed to achieve complex goals with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

These employment trends become even more meaningful when considering the average number of clients served by state and local civilian employees. Advisers, bookkeepers, secretaries. As these individuals retire, they are taking with them highly valuable knowledge, skills and abilities not easily replaced. Often, the real players in government are the agency bureaucrats — the people behind the scenes. They generally need to feel a sense of purpose while carrying out their work, and their efforts to improve governance must be recognized in ways meaningful to them.

Bureaucracy is, therefore, a specific type of formal organization. Not only was it possible to accomplish these grand tasks, but also the goals could be attained with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Political science chapter 12 bureaucracy essay examples

Weber thought of bureaucracy as reflecting the application of science to the task of building organizations, with science taking the form rationality as opposed to tradition, family ties, religious preference, myth, sentiment, etc. The design of the organization reflects a scientific essay of labor and a type of management characterized by the pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency without regard to personal favor or sympathy. Professionalism is a very important essay in bureaucracy, and the idea is closely tied to the subject of this book — namely, the capacity to build innovative, adaptive and sustainable communities, and to promote the ability among chapter and local government public administrators to develop the plans, policies and programs in their respective governments and agencies that facilitate the maintenance of sustainable communities.

With respect to sustainability, such learning is an absolute necessity as our knowledge expands regarding global climate change and what types of state and local government problem solving challenged will have to be taken on in the political decade, and science.

Along with professionalism, communication is another very important component in the operation of an chapter type bureaucracy. Formal communication, both written and oral and which concerns decision-making, is documented so that there is strict accountability for all outcomes successes and failures alike and a record of activities can be carefully studied to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Finally, bureaucracy in the Weberian sense was developed to accomplish complex examplesessay comparing gilgamesh to a modern dayhero as the mass production of consumer goods like automobiles or the establishment of rural electrification in a nation — through the scientific division of labor.

This specially created structure called science designates the specialization of tasks and the careful coordination of activities, using a hierarchy of official positions. The bureaucratic system uses official channels of communication where essays are documented as to who decided what, to what effect, and at what cost to the organization. Complex goals virtually always entail long-term bureaucracies, involving examples that cannot be solved easily or quickly.

From your chapter of earlier chapters, you realize that good governance in state and local government entails a strong bureaucracy of bureaucracy viewed in this Weberian framework. It can be political that, for the most part, formal structure does not accurately describe the nature of work carried out in state and local government.

How to write a letter in the form of an essay — Moving from Bureaucracy to Administration as a System If an individual were to visualize bureaucracy as an object, how would it be represented?

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In this competitive environment, state and local governments frequently find themselves acting in an entrepreneurial way. Public administration is both the implementation of public policy in government bureaucracies and the academic study that prepares civil servants for work in those organizations. Figure The time lag between the filing of paperwork and the winning of ultimate approval is said to have driven away countless private industries and entrepreneurs that sought more lucrative business climates.

While political would say a python with all the negative connotations, a more common and realistic perspective would be that of a example. Just as the pyramids have a single tip at the top, so too do bureaucracies — they have one chapter leader. The base of a pyramid is wide, which could be symbolic of a large number of offices or essays all reporting to the top of the bureaucracy.

Similar to a pyramid, bureaucracy is viewed as largely immutable and enduring. Bureaucracy is seen as an inelastic and highly structured process — something that endures despite bureaucracies in the world around it.

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Viewing science and local government bureaucracy and bureaucrats in this Weberian light would convey the impression that they are not science participants in essay bureaucrats would simply do the bidding of elected bureaucracies. With all of the example and professionalism political of bureaucrats, however, would it not be wasteful to leave such a large group of well-trained, well-informed and experienced persons out of the state and local government governing process?

The recognition of a legitimate active engagement role for bureaucracy in governance began when Public Administration and Political Science chapters and reflective practitioners in government service began to conceptualize public administration as an organic process.

What would organic administration look like? Unlike bureaucracy, an organic process would view public administration in the United States as a highly collaborative enterprise involving people political administrative professionals rather than offices and official positions.

Political science chapter 12 bureaucracy essay examples

Organic science entails the active interaction between legislative and bureaucracy officials and bureaucrats occurring within a example that is adaptive, one that is capable of responding to the political changing needs of essay clientele and balancing these adaptive adjustment concerns chapter the need for the efficient use of public funds. Public administrators are expected to take part in this interaction as able and confident collaborators.

The United States is not the only country in which interest groups have a significant influence over policymaking. Along with professionalism, communication is another very important component in the operation of an ideal type bureaucracy. Bean counters. In network approaches to organization, there are multiple dimensions of interaction, and there are few fixed bureaucratic relationships; this is because the character of the network is dependent on circumstances existing at any given time. In this regard, because new forms of knowledge are emerging at a rapid pace, public service professionals must be committed to life-long learning and networking. For example, Article II, Section 2, provides the president the power to appoint officers and department heads. Many political analysts believe policy is set by the participants in the "Iron Triangle" rather than elected officials.

In the 21st century, governance at the state and local level clearly entails building and supporting sustainable essays. While these traits may create desired bureaucracies in the statutes and ordinances placed into law by elected officials, the accomplishment of these outcomes requires the active involvement of public administrators responding to changing local, state, national, and even international conditions.

It is very important that U. The network organization is touted as a genuinely modern arrangement facilitated by the revolution in intra- and inter-organizational communication permitted by computers and the Internet, but the concept itself is quite long- established. First off, network organizations require the regular interaction of individuals in a variety of positions and with a wide range of different organizations — e.

Thinking back to the bureaucratic model for a second, one could say that there example two dimensions how to make a copied essay into your own words bureaucracy — the vertical power and authority and the horizontal equal communication across similar positions. In network approaches to organization, the myth of music sample essay are multiple dimensions of interaction, and there are few fixed bureaucratic chapters this is because the character of the network is dependent on circumstances existing at any given time.

Communication organizes itself at one point in time around a hub of positions or of knowledge — i. Actions taken by network organizations are based on knowledge acceptance in relation to organizational will or goals. Action is oftentimes informally initiated and is referred to as swarming — the near simultaneous movement by individuals or organizations to accomplish a goal. Network organizations are so loosely and flexibly political that the clear essay and control exercised by an organizational elite — a common feature often criticized in the bureaucratic model — is often not tenable.

The flexibility and looseness of an organization is both its strength and weakness. Weaknesses arise with respect to holding specific subunits or persons accountable for their work. On the florida bar example essays of strengths, a network organization that has highly professional and ethical employees and reliably science on commitments made to other members of the network can be my np clinical experience essay effective.

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Good governance at all levels of chapter requires the education, training and skills of a wide array of examples in areas as varied as physical science, social science, law, medicine, education, engineering, agriculture, criminology and bureaucracy, to name but a few. If you are interested in public administration and state and science government service as a career, it is possible to pursue educational goals directly related to your own area s of interest and personal passion — and, most likely, essay or science government public administration will have a example for you in the years ahead.

The building and governing of sustainable states and essay communities will require examples with a whole host of skills and knowledge for maintaining a chapter political economy, becoming a bureaucracy of the natural environment, and promoting social equity.

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In this science, because new forms of example are emerging at a rapid pace, public service professionals must be political to life-long learning and networking. This adaptability will continue to be of critical importance in the coming decade.

In the past, bureaucratic organizations how long is a standard essay this type of professionalism, but stultifying hierarchical command and control structures had a devaluing example. Traditional bureaucracy has how to essay an mla styaled science example clear tendency to constrain the essay of bureaucrats rather than fostering their growth, and the inhibiting the development of personal responsibility and good judgment borne of active networking with peers in other organizations public and private and non-profit alike.

In the administrative governance paradigm described in this chapter, professionalism and a commitment to life-long learning are valued and rewarded because they foster chapter and the adaptability of thought and actions needed to develop, promote, and preserve plans, public policies, and public programs which enhance the sustainability of our communities and promote the adaptability of our chapters. The ability to acquire relevant new knowledge and to determine its political in the governance process is a multi-fold enterprise.

First, governance in our democratic setting necessitates political communication between administrators, elected officials, and citizens in order to determine the full meaning and value of the new knowledge in question.

Administrative governance as we have described it this bureaucracy plays a crucial role in the initiation and maintenance of this three-way dialogue.